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Umpires and Markers 2019




KCBA Ladies Executive 2019





Tel. 01580 714075 e-mail:


Senior Vice President: MRS ELLEN PHILLIPS

Tel. 01322 224115 e-mail:


Junior Vice President: MRS DOT GEE

Tel. 07969 742516 e-mail:


Immediate Past President: Mrs MARGARET MORTIMER

Tel. 01303 257722 e-mail:


Hon. Secretary: MRS JOY BURTON

Tel. 01227 470103 e-mail:


Hon. Treasurer: Mrs ANN SAUNDERS

Tel. 020 8777 1546 e-mail:


Hon. Match & Fixture Secretary: Mrs BRENDA GREEN

Tel. 01622 791541  e-mail:


Hon. Secretary Division 1: MRS CAROL WATT-SULLIVAN

Tel. 020 8650 7424 e-mail:


 Hon. Secretary Division 2: Mrs LORRAINE PARAMOR

Tel. 01732 823618. :e-mail:


Hon. Secretary Division 3:  Mrs DAWN SLATER

Tel: 01732 884580  e-mail:


Hon. Secretary Division 4: Ms MO HAYES

Tel. 07979 881918  e-mail:


 Hon. Year Book Secretary/Web Master  Mrs JOAN COLLINS

Tel. 01322 401591  e-mail:


Auditor:  Allan Chase, Treasurer, Kent County Bowling Association


Council: Past Presidents, Officers and Delegates


Bowls England Delegates: Hon Secretary


Selection Committee:

The President, Senior Vice-President, Hon. Secretary, Four Divisional Secretaries,  plus Team

Manager of John’s and Walker Cup

For Johns Trophy & Walker Cup the Team Manager will be involved after the initial selection for trial.



Emergency Committee:

President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the four Hon Divisional Secretaries.


Management Committee of KCBA 2019:
Chairman - Mr Geoff Chapman; General Secretary - Mr Rodney Clark, Financial Officer - Mr Allan Chase, Hon Ladies Secretary – Mrs Joy Burton, Hon Men's Secretary –Mr Rick Travers,  Representative Men's Council – Mr Mick Bannister, Representative Ladies Council - Mrs Ann Saunders.