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Kent County Bowling Association Ladies

Benevolent Fund

 Main Charity 276138


Chairperson: Mrs C Tillman

Hon. Trustees: Mrs K Gambell, Mrs S Taylor


To all Secretaries,


When informing me of a memberís illness, please make your application on club headed paper with memberís full NAME AND HOME ADDRESS.If communication via Email please state: Club Name and ensure it is sent by an officer of the Club.


Thank you all for your information and I extend to you and your clubs a very healthy and happy 2021.


Mrs Anne Bailey, Hon. Secretary,

1 Bert Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey CR7 7NW

Tel: 0208 689 1989 - E-Mail: anne.bailey9@btinternet.com


All donations should be forwarded to the Hon. Secretary until further notice

 Please make cheques payable to K.C.B.A. Ladies Benevolent Fund.