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John's Trophy Leamington Team 6th August

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Walker Cup Leamington Team 21st August

John's Trophy Action Photos from Leamington - Runners Up 2016 Ė Photos by Avrel


Live scoring will be available for the National Championships on the Bowls England Website

        Johnís Trophy Semi Finals

        Kent beat Cambridgeshire 117-111
Lincolnshire beat Worcestershire 114-112

        Johnís Trophy Final

        Kent -116Lincolnshire -121 Ė Kent Lost by 5 shots in the Final

        Walker Cup 21 August 2016

        Kent lost the Semi final to Leicestershire by 2 shots, who were the eventual winners.


Geraldine Manning Ladies President 2016.jpgTHE PRESIDENTíS FOREWORD


No-one is more surprised than me to see myself as your President in the KCBA Ladies handbook!I admit to being addicted to outdoor bowls and always enter the County competitions - but it never crossed my mind that I would be President one day!Thank you, Sevenoaks B.C., for nominating me and for your support.I appreciate that being President is an honour and I hope that I shall be more than just a figurehead for you all.I believe passionately in keeping the sport of outdoor bowls alive for future generations.


I must thank Rhiannon and Kathy for their help and guidance during my apprenticeship as Junior and Senior Vice President.Thank you also to Brenda and her Executive team, and to the Past Presidents for their advice and welcoming support.I am preparing myself for a very busy year in 2016!


In 2015 Kent performed well in the Nationals and I am hoping we can build on that success in 2016. This is going to be MY special year, but I want it to be KENTís special year as well.


My chosen charity is the Kent/Sussex/Surrey Air Ambulance and I hope everyone will support it generously to enable them to continue their lifesaving work.


So, I hope we all have a great year together and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible


Geraldine Manning


Lady President 2016






Brenda Green Hon. Secretary.jpgHon. Secretary

Mrs Brenda Green


The KCBA Men and Ladies will continue throughout 2016 to run the day to day events and competitions as separate sections within the KCBA.Can I ask you please ladies, if you have a change of Secretary or Delegate you let me know immediately via email:


The 2-Wood competition for 2016 will be run under a different format, each division has early rounds on a set date with the final eight from each section in each division meeting on a further date, this competition will be played in relevant sections in each division with the eventual winners from each section playing at their Divisional Finals Day on 3rd July 2016.


The Benevolent Fund, 2-Wood Triples competition is taking place in 2016 after all main county competitions and will be run as in prior years.Please note there will be an extra round on the day to determine who will take part at County Finals Day, when the semi-final and finals will be played.


Please ladies, as a matter of courtesy can I ask you all who are taking part in county competitions to ensure you contact your opponent to confirm the actual start time of the event, do not assume as happened in 2015 that it is a 6.00p.m. start.


Many thanks for your co-operation.


Brenda Green


Hon County Secretary