Competitions 2024


Conditions of Entry All competitors are reminded that it is a condition of entry that if you are successful you are expected to play in the National and County Finals of the competitions entered on the dates as listed both in the KCBA Ladies Yearbook. All competition dates are on both KCBA Ladies and BE Web Sites.

The Executive do reserve the right to change or amend venues and dates as may become necessary.



Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Division 4

Under 25 2024

Mollie Cleggett

One Day Events




All competitors are expected to raise their own competition cards. Divisional Secretaries will be issuing to all Club Secretaries details of the rounds and dates for all competitions to be played. This system will also include the Mollie Cleggett and Senior Fours Rounds.


Please ensure that you telephone the result of the competition to your relevant Divisional Secretary as soon as the match has been completed and under no circumstances no later than 9.30p.m.


You may then email the result, or post the relevant cards, please ensure that all competitors names are entered on the card whether you are emailing or posting.

Please confirm to your relevant Divisional Secretary by email as soon as possible the nominated person in your Club to receive all information for competitions; please include their email address (if the delegate is not yourself). The delegate nominated to receive all competition information needs to be someone at your club who visits the club on a regular basis and is prepared to put all results on the notice board for competitors to see.

Please ensure all competitions results are telephoned as soon as possible, to enable our Website to be updated within 24 hours we do require your co-operation.


Email addresses:

Div 1 Carol Watt-Sullivan carolwattsullivan@virginmedia.com

Div 2 Janice Munday janicemunday53@gmail.com

Div 3 Dawn Slater dawn.slater1@btopenworld.com

Div 4 Mo Hayes mohayes1947@gmail.com


Your co-operation is very much appreciated.